Barrier Mosquito Control For Your Back Yard

Barrier Mosquito Control So You Can Take The Bite Out Of You Back Yard With Mighty Mosquito Control


What is barrier mosquito control?  It is the second most effective method on how to get rid of mosquitoes in backyard, the first being a mosquito misting system. Mosquitoes are a vector agent which means that mosquitoes “distribute” and transmits various harmful parasites and viruses.  These parasites and viruses can cause diseases in people and pets.  Eradication of mosquito-borne Illnesses has been fairly successful in many countries through vector control programs but vector control programs alone won’t protect your backyard in say Plano, McKinney, Frisco or Allen. Mighty Mosquito Control Programs simply include elimination of mosquito breeding areas, and targeting of high traffic areas for mosquitoes.  Bottom line, this means getting rid of standing water in and around your yard so the mosquitoes can’t breed.  This is the most effective way to control mosquitoes in the backyard.

So you’ve tried getting rid of all the standing water in your backyard and you still have mosquitoes?  Time to call in the professionals.  Barrier spraying your yard is an effective way to rid your backyard of mosquitoes.

What Do We Use In Our Barrier Sprays


Mosquito Barrier Spray

Not only are mosquitoes an annoyance, causing itchy painful bites, but can also spread harmful diseases such as West Nile Virus.

Mighty Mosquito Controls’ trained technicians will safely apply only EPA approved products in a barrier spray to your trees & shrubs every 14-21 days. These applications not only kill adult mosquitoes on contact but continue to repel for weeks of outdoor enjoyment. In addition to managing your adult mosquito population, we will inspect your entire property for standing water that may harbor larvae.

Natural Solution Mosquito Treatment

If all natural is your preference Mighty Mosquito Control offers a garlic spray alternative which works wonderfully. Garlic mosquito spray creates a barrier that lasts 14 days (versus 21 days for our synthetic product). In addition to killing and chasing away your existing adult mosquito population, the natural mosquito garlic spray coats the leaf surface of your turf and ornamentals with natural sulfur contained in garlic juice, fending off entry from adjacent habitat. Garlic spray is also effective in reducing mosquito larvae, which are suffocated when the spray coats the water’s surface, preventing oxygen from reaching the larvae.

In addition to being an effective mosquito control treatment, our natural alternative is safe for use around children and pets, allowing you to feel secure that your property is being protected effectively

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Author: Mighty Mosquito Control

"Mighty Mosquito Control uses safe all natural environmentally friendly pesticides. We don't want to spray so much poison your yard your kids and pets cant play. Its About more than just killing bugs. Its About You! Tired of battling mosquitoes in your yard? Mighty Mosquito Control is proud to offer affordable effective mosquito treatments for both home and office so you can enjoy being outside again. As an experienced outdoor pest control service Mighty Mosquito Control offers natural mosquito treatment for yard backyard and advanced mosquito control systems. Our specialty is custom mosquito treatment plans perfect for transforming your yard into a peaceful place for you and your family with industry standard professional home mosquito control service plans."

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